Terms and Refund Policy

  1. Before going for a refund request, you should email and describe the issue you have in detail. I should be given an opportunity to resolve the issue.
  2. I accept and process refund only when there is a Defect that I am not able to fix. Please refer to the definition for Defect at the end of this page.
  3. You can claim a refund only within 24 hours of the purchase.
  4. You cannot claim a refund for the following reasons (and not limited to),
    1. After buying, you do not ‘like’ the Product. You do not have a particular reason, but you do not like it.
    2. You ‘expected’ a functionality or feature to be available in the Product and you feel it is obvious. But you feel that it is missing.
    3. Your environment is not compatible as per the requirements and because of that, there is a Defect that does not allow the Product to be used.
    4. You have mistakenly bought a wrong Product or License.
    5. You are finding it difficult to understand how to use or customize the Product.
    6. You have violated the license terms under which you have made the purchase.
    7. You have made customizations to the code and an effect of it, the Product is not behaving as expected.
    8. Due to non-functional-reasons, like response time or throughput or any other similar parameters.
  5. You buy any product from our website. You will get the code of the product which you have to develop yourself, it is your responsibility. We can’t help you with this
  6. Time support can up to 2 days

We don’t offer a refund once the item has been downloaded or Mistake in any circumstances. Read all the product information before you decide to buy it.

Definition and Terms

If you do not know how to edit script/source code, then script/source code will not be considered wrong. You cannot ask for a refund by speaking script/source code incorrectly.

After purchasing the product at our store, you will get the codes of the website and app, which you will have to setup/install yourself, we cannot help you with this.